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Reading glass for the pocket

I don't need glasses all the time, but as I'm getting older I do find it harder read fine print. I like to carry reading glasses so that I don't get stuck when I'm out and about, but I don't want to always carry a bulky glasses case. I like to try and find reading glasses that are compact and can easily be carried in the pocket and are pretty hardy so they don't get too scratched up. This blog is all about affordable options for pocket reading glasses to keep you able to read all those tiny fonts and prints.



Reading glass for the pocket


A Short Guide To Cataracts

Cataracts are one of the most common eye conditions and are especially common in older people. A cataract is a cloudy patch on the lens inside your eye, which gets bigger and eventually causes vision changes and loss. They can be diagnosed during a routine eye test by your eye doctor, which means that taking care of your eye health through regular appointments is vital. This short guide aims to explain cataracts from their symptoms and diagnosis through to treatment.